Pre-reading:Recently,"Vindicator" laser weapon system has been put into testing,it will centaily bacame the main threaten for unmanned aerial vehicle.

Laser Pointer Pen

    Recently, Fort Sill firepower Laboratory (fires Battle Lab) tested the laser weapon system at Thompson mountain .One of the test target is a High Power Laser car equipped with 10kw Powerful Laser Pointer .The other is "Siterlynk" which is produced by General Dynamic Corp and Boeing equipped with a 2Kw Laser Pointer.Besides, equipment involved in the test also includes three radar systems (Q-53 "sentinel" radar and two Q-50 which can detect both airborne and ground threats simultaneously)

    The "Vindicator" weapon system equipped with a Green Laser that can achieve a variety of combat functions.We believe that it will be the main threaten for unmanned aerial vehicle.