Green Laser Pointers and Aircraft

Basically, it is but a decent notion that green laser pen have gained popularity through the coming years, and with this is a parallel incident of pointing this devices at aircraft particularly helicopters and airplanes. 2008, a lot of documented reports have sensationalized these events . A particular scenario was of two Arab men in UAE, where these men faced the raps and were convicted because of pointing these lasers at and airplane when it was about to land.

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Because of this sensationalism, the birth of a lot of misconceptions have come into the light. The reason for this article is to shed light and show the difference between plain facts from what is fiction.

Important facts on lasers

To make this all plain and simple, burning laser pointer breams are concentrated narrow light beams that can emit its output in a very far range measured in kilometers. The high power variety may emit light at a range of 20-30 kilometers and must not be considered dangerous given this range.

1000mW Green Laser pointers and not the other colored variety like blue, orange or red are the main culprit with the pointing of beams at aircraft for the simple reason pertaining to better visibility and they are a lot cheaper compared to the other varieties.

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Fact or fiction

In reality there are only 4 main concerns when it comes to the anticipated dangers of pointing these devices at aircraft namely: distraction to the pilot, glare, temporary flash blindness and eye damage. But the fourth one is very much likely to happen.

With this facts mentioned, none of the four may result to a loss of life or of the aircraft. Clear and present danger may only occur is these acts were done deliberately with malicious intent.

200mw green laser enthusiasts must be aware and be mindful in using their gadgets especially during the night when venturing with astrology or just playing among the stars. Making sure that there are no flying aircraft in the night sky before using your laser pointer is a sure way to enjoy without the hassles.

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